is a part of Capricorn CA family which is a licensed Certifying Authority under IT Act 2000, by CCA. is authorized to provide Digital Certificate and services related to authentication. Today the privileges that we enjoy like bank transactions, credit card payments, online shopping, online form filling, etc are feasible due to Public Key Infrastructure. makes the online experience of the user fast, safe and confidential. We give cost-effective and easy cybersecurity to our customers. With signing and encryption of data is hassle-free and easy. We provide PKI based solutions for not just organizations but devices and computers. We provide services to private and government organizations.

Our services include encryption, digital signing along with authentication which facilitates safe and secure exchange of information. Our aim is to safeguard our client’s data transaction and enhance their authentication process leading to a risk-free, money-saving, easy business solution. We have the ultimate solution for everything a business needs. User can maintain bank account, pay bills, carry out business deals online and attest documents as well. Along with the business, we also strive to provide the best experience to our clients. We are a client-oriented enterprise, working towards providing the best support to our customers. Our customer manager and specialized team is available to help users out.

Following the Indian Government’s lead, we plan to catalyze the digitalization of Indian economy and business and contribute in the growth and enhancement of e-commerce and technology. PKI solution is a part of Government of India’s ambitious Paperless India Plan. We are driven towards making this ambition a reality by being committed in providing safe and secure access to our customers. By making business and transactions quick, easy and inexpensive, we walk hand-in-hand with Digital India Plan.